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Galena EMS Receives Grant to Acquire Lifesaving Tool

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

GALENA–Galena EMS received $16,000 in grants and donations for the purchase of a Lucas 3 Chest Compression System. The Dubuque Racing Association gave Galena EMS a $10,000 grant, Jo Daviess County Country Fair Charities donated $3,000, and the rest of the cost of the unit was covered by Illinois Bank and Trust, First Community Bank of Galena and from the Nancy Brashaw family from the estate of former Galena EMT Paul Brashaw, each of which donated $1,000. The Lucas 3 system cost $15,745.89.

Newly purchased Lucas 3 Chest Compression System.
Dubuque Racing Association representative Kathy Droessler, far left, joined Galena EMS as they put the new Lucas 3 Chest Compression System in use for the agency. With Droessler, from left, are Dave Teply, Kim Hatfield, Terry Kieffer, Dave Diedrich, Matt Tepley, Brian Diedrich, Les Virtue, Doug Rahden, Bill Bingham, Ron Data and Josh Diedrich.

Bill Bingham, interim coordinator, said the Lucas 3 Chest Compression System is a “new and better way” to administer CPR and gives patients the best possible outcome. The device is a portable lifesaving tool designed to overcome issues with chest compressions while performing CPR on patients whose heart has stopped beating.

Bingham said new technology helps the rural ambulance agency effectively cover a large territory. Galena EMS services more than 8,000 square miles and responds to an average of 662 calls per year.

“It is imperative that we have qualified individuals with all the latest tools,” said Bingham.

Excerpts and photography courtesy of Galena Gazette.

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