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What types of vendors are accepted to exhibit at Galena Country Fair?

The fair accepts applications from vendors exhibiting original handcrafted work in three judged categories: crafts, country crafts, and fine arts. There are limited farmer's market booth spaces available (prizes are not awarded in this category).

What type of work qualifies in each category?
Examples of appropriate products for each category are as follows:

Country Crafts

Small wood items, baskets, needlework, dried flowers, wreaths, dolls, stuffed animals, quilts, etc.

Stained glass, weaving, woodworking, metalworking, clothing, pottery, jewelry, etc.

Fine Arts
Sculpture, oils, acrylics, batik, watercolors, photography, pen and ink prints, lithographs, etc.


Farmer's Market
Honey, maple syrup, produce, etc.

Are prizes awarded?

Cash prizes are awarded in each juried category (country crafts, crafts, and fine arts) plus a Judge’s Choice category. Judge’s Choice winners are selected from all entries. 1st – $100.00; 2nd – $75.00; 3rd – $50.00. Prizes are not awarded in the farmer's market category. 

Does all work I display need to be handmade?
All work entered in the Galena Country Fair must be original and handcrafted. Any exhibitor displaying manufactured items will be asked to leave the fair and will not be invited to return.

How many people attend Galena Country Fair?
Approximately 8,000-10,000.

Are dogs allowed in the park? May my dog stay in my booth area?
We love Fido just as much as the next person; however, please leave your pets at home for this event. Only individually-trained Service Dogs that are trained to work or perform tasks may be in Grant Park during this event. Emotional support animals are not recognized as service dogs by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We appreciate your cooperation.

How big are your vendor booths?
10' x 12' vendor spaces are available. All spaces are marked.

When is the deadline for vendors to apply to Galena Country Fair?
Applications are accepted each year until March 31. Applications must be postmarked by March 31 to be considered for the fair held in October of the current year.

Is there a waitlist?
If you missed the deadline, there is still hope. You can apply to be on our waitlist in the event additional space(s) open up. Please provide all the items required to apply to the fair.

What do I need to submit to apply to the fair?
1. Vendor Application (filled out; signature required).
2. 3-5 color photos of your work (no slides or copy machine photos). Name on the back of each photo.
3. $225.00 booth entry free in the form of a check or money order payable to Galena Country Fair.
4. City of Galena Itinerant Merchant Application (filled out; signature required).
5. $25.00 Itinerant Merchant License fee in the form of a check or money order payable to the City of Galena.
6. A large, legal-size self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Why do you need two checks?
Once accepted as a Galena Country Fair vendor, the check payable to Galena County Fair will be cashed to pay for your booth vendor fee. The check payable to the City of Galena will be forwarded to the city along with your completed Itinerant Merchant Application.

How long before I know if I'm accepted into the fair?
Notice of acceptance is expected to occur each year by May or June.

When are my checks cashed?
Checks are held until vendors are selected. The judges may select vendors as early as the first few weeks of April. If accepted, vendors are notified by May or June with vendor checks deposited as early as May. Some could be cashed in June or July depending on how long the vendor selection process lasts. 


When are my photos returned?

Photos will be returned in vendor packets the weekend of Galena Country Fair. Vendors not accepted will have their checks and photos returned via USPS.

What is the procedure for adverse weather?
The fair is held rain or shine. There is no rain date or alternate indoor site. History has shown that Galena Country Fair customers are a hearty and loyal group.

Do you provide electricity?
No electricity is provided. Generators are not allowed.

Where can I park?
Vendors may park in the City of Galena's lot located near the Old Train Depot. Vendors are given detailed information packets. The packets contain parking information. Vendor parking is not allowed on Johnson Street.

Where can I load and unload?
Vendors may load and unload on the Grant Park side of Park Avenue. Vendors are given detailed information packets when accepted into the fair. All vendors are expected to abide by the guidelines given in the packets.

Is there help to transport my product to my booth in Grant Park?
No vehicles are allowed in Grant Park. A couple of small all-terrain vehicles with carts are available to help vendors haul for a donation. The donation amount is decided between the driver and the vendor. The donation is provided directly to the driver. Load-in/load-out assistance is not organized by Galena Country Fair.

If I run out of products and items to sell, may I break my booth down early and leave?
No. Vendors may not break down and/or leave before the official closing time of the event, which is 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. Vendors breaking down early may not be accepted to future Galena Country Fair events.

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