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  • Galena Country Fair

2005 Grant Awards

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

A total of $38,792.24 was awarded to 25 Jo Daviess County not-for-profit organizations:

CHOICES for Family Peace & Justice, Galena

$903 - emergency food and shelter program for victims of domestic abuse

Women at the Well of Holy Cross Parish, Stockton

$1,000 - speakers for spiritual needs program

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Galena

$2,000 - program expansion

East Dubuque Police Department

$754.99 - K-9 unit

Galena Area Emergency Medical Service

$729 - camcorder, case, tripod for training sessions

Hanover Community Fire Protection District

$410 - portable radio/pager

Galena Police Department

$3,400 - two portable radios and one video system

Jo Daviess County Leadership Forum, Stockton

$2,000 - offset tuition

Galena-Stauss Hospital & Healthcare

$2,000 - Health & Harmony Healthy Lifestyle program

Warren Area Ambulance Service

$2,326 - stair chair upgrade

Habitat for Humanity, Galena

$2,000 - windows for two homes

NICAA Senior Citizen Services, Jo Daviess County

$1,750 - Golden Meals program

Jo Daviess County Sheriff Department

$1,000 - K-9 Unit operations

Elizabeth Community Ambulance Service

$410 - portable radio/pager

Jo Daviess Workshop, Galena

$2,774.25 - Hepatitis B vaccinations

Stockton Community Ambulance Service

$2,550 - three jump kits, three hand-held two-way portable radios

St. Mary School, East Dubuque

$575 - TV/VCR/DVD update

Kiwanis Club, Galena

$750 - pediatric backboards for three ambulance service providers

Hanover Ambulance

$2,150 - stair chair

Warren Fire Department

$1,200 - smoke training machine

Rainbow Ridge, Galena

$1,200 - replacement of household furniture and appliances

Elizabeth Community Fire Protection District

$410 - portable radio/pager

Tyler's Justice Center for Children, Stockton

$2,500 - case management

St. Mary Youth Ministry, East Dubuque

$1,500 - video equipment for youth program

Riverview Center, Galena

$2,500 - prevention education program

The funds for these grants were made available from the proceeds of the 2004 Galena Country Fair event. None of the money from the profit of the fair was used toward administrative support of this group, it is strictly a volunteer organization.

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