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The annual Galena Country Fair event relies on the assistance of hundreds of local volunteers. Review the Fundraising FAQs below to learn more about the fair's Fundraising Program and to learn why donating your time and effort is vital to the success of the event.

What skills are needed?
There are a variety of position and shift choices and each may be a little different. A shift at the Gates includes greeting fairgoers and gathering gate admission donations, while a shift in the Children's Games area requires interacting with children and facilitating a game. 

How long is a shift?
Shifts are available on the Saturday and Sunday of the fair in a variety of booths and last 2-4 hours each. The fair volunteer coordinator has a master list of shifts to choose from.

Must an organization have a minimum number of volunteers?
No; however, the potential for total earnings is directly related to the number of volunteers an organization can recruit to work on its behalf. The larger your group, the greater your potential for earning donations.

Are volunteers required to be a minimum age?
We love to encourage youth to become involved in our community; however, youth must be in 9th grade or above to sign up for a volunteer shift at Galena Country Fair. Since specific volunteer positions and shifts are more suitable for youth, our volunteer coordinator will guide group leaders that have youth volunteers. All groups that contain youth are expected to have an adequate number of adult chaperones who are welcome to work (and earn donations) alongside the youth.

Can volunteers work more than one shift?
Yes! Volunteers may work as many shifts as they would like on one or both days of the fair.

What type of groups are allowed to volunteer?
Galena Country Fair welcomes all to volunteer. The only requirement is that the donation is designated towards a not-for-profit group based in Jo Daviess County.

What if I don't have a group, but still want to volunteer?
No problem! Our volunteer coordinator can supply a list of not-for-profit organizations.

What happens if I sign up and then a conflict comes up and I can't meet my obligation?
The fair is counting on each and every volunteer to help at the fair. If a conflict should arise, the volunteer should contact their group leader. The group leader should attempt to find a replacement to fill the shift and communicate the replacement name to the fair's volunteer coordinator.

When will the donation check be sent to the organization?
Donation checks are usually sent within 4-8 weeks after the fair weekend. Group leaders should provide complete organization information to the fair's volunteer coordinator to ensure the donation is sent to the correct person and location.


Whom do I contact to show interest?

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Murdock, from the contact form located on the Fundraising Program page.

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